We will gather in sisterhood one Sunday every month for a Wise Woman Masterclass to come together and clear our energy, strengthen it and repair any spots that have been weakened from daily living. We will ingrain our self care practices and hold each other accountable to living with awareness and consciousness.

Even healers need healing and when we have these gifts and talents we need support. These calls will have gifted meditation instructors, guest teachers and musicians sure to uplift, deepen connection to self and source and recharge and reenergize your life force.

We are a caravan of Wise Women traveling the road of personal transformation; walking each other Home. As we learn and grow together, we remember how to arrive – moment to moment in our Home: the present moment. Knowing that every part of us is sacred, we are able to care for ourselves and those around us with the deep compassion and empathy and sensitivity that is our Birthright.

Unimpeded and unphased by the past or the future, we share our gifts and bring into being the manifestations of our highest good. We do this through gathering together and sharing prayer, ritual, meditation, and music.

Plus, you will receive a box of intuitively picked Wise Woman goodies every month delivered directly to your doorstep that goes directly along with the teaching for that month.

What you’re getting:

The first month each member will receive:

  • An intro masterclass and Cacao ceremony led by Sena
  • Ceremonial Cacao
  • Yoni egg
  • Individualized oracle card reading
  • Custom poured Divine Intention candle
  • Smudge stick
  • Custom blended essential oils


Each month thereafter the contents of the box will change to match the teaching focus for that month's masterclass:

  • A monthly masterclass with your sisters from all over the world
  • In depth spiritual teachings with guest teachers and instructors
  • Powerful meditation and music
  • Receive healing, re-energize and recharge your life force
  • Individualized oracle card reading
  • Essential Oils - only the purest and the best
  • Herbs
  • Custom spiritual jewelry
  • Crystals
  • Additional pop up circles
  • A private Facebook community

Start receiving this monthly magic into your life today!

* All calls will be recorded and kept in our membership site just for you.
Each box will contain instructions and notes to you.


The Wise Woman Virtual Caravan + Box is a collaboration between Tracey Bethune + Sena Shellenberger


Tracey Bethune

Hi loves!  I'm Tracey Bethune a spiritual teacher, women's transformational coach, quantum mechanics and neuroscience goddess. Even as a child, I knew life was bigger than what I was experiencing. I've spent my entire life rebelling, seeking and experimenting to discover what I truly was.  Each one of us has the ability to create our lives, live on our own terms and shape our destiny.  I've helped hundreds of women reclaim their power.  Everything you need, you already have within you right now.
My philosophy, is that you are whole and healed now, you are born with unique gifts and talents and we are here to help the world progress and expand consciousness. My mission is to guide you into your very own flow; to leave the struggle and the fight behind. I'm so grateful and thankful for you and all you bring to the world and this caravan.

I honor you for surrendering to the divine call.


Sena Shellenberger

Hi! My name is I'm Sena and I'm a carrier of the cacao medicine, and I am passionate about supporting a human connection with nature, sound, and the magical healing available to us from plants. I'm a traveler, in physical and subtle realms. I spent the last 9 months living in Peru + Costa Rica where I completed my 500hr yoga teacher training certification and worked with many medicinal plants including the master plants Ayahuasca and Wachuma.  I offer cacao, sound healing + reiki sessions and cacao coaching sessions.  I also have a retreat a company, Tesora Sacred Travel.  I'm a healer at heart, and I love offering ceremony.  I live in Sonoma county, CA and I look forward to connecting with you <3 .  Thank you for being here.



Sister, Sister come to hear the call.
Sister, sister here to heal them all.
Sister, sister I am here for you.
Sister, sister to help guide you through.

Sister, sister drop your cloak of fears.
Sister, sister remove your mask of tears.
Sister, sister bring your superpowers.
Sister, sister now is the hour.